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The Tale of the Blue Willow Plate





Long ago in a land far away,

under a Willow tree, two lovers secretly met every day.

Koong-Shee’s father, the emperor, was mean and irate,

and so began the tale of the Blue Willow plate.


He forbad them to see each other ever again,

which caused Koong-Shee and Chang immeasurable pain.

The princess took her belongings, her distaff and jewels,

though they knew in their hearts, they were  breaking all the rules.


Over the bridge they fearfully fled,

her father close behind, wishing to whip them dead.

Fleeing across the water, to a pagoda where they hid

believing that their fathers tyranny, they were finally rid


Alas, the father burned the pagoda with a vengeance, they say,

but the Gods, touched by their love, immortalized them that day.

Out of the flames flew two magical doves,

and thus, Koong-Shee and Chang live on in eternal love.

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